What to Expect

Our photography style is photo-journalistic, and our favorite moments to capture are those tiny, candid moments that no one else may have seen. The big belly laughs, the quiet, intimate moments, and everything in between. Because of this candid style, we do very little actual posing- we want you to feel as comfortable in front of the camera as you do when you’re talking to your best friend. In order to achieve this, we may prompt you to do some unexpected things, (our past couples will always comment on the “sexy cereal”— you’ll know what this is if you book with us!), or you may see us climb in a nearby bush, but all of it is for one purpose– to get the best photo.

We’ve worked together for so long, we can communicate with each other with just a simple look. When we got the right shot, you will know. We tend to not be able to contain our excitement– we squeal, we scream, and jump up and down– because we know just how excited you will be once you see the final product.

Did we just become best friends?

Not yet, but what're you waiting for?