Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?

We both live in the seacoast area of New Hampshire. We're 20 minutes from the beach, an hour from Boston, and two hours from the White Mountains!

How do I pay?

An online invoice will be sent when you book. You will be able to pay via card right through the invoice. You can also pay by check payable to K&L Photography. Cash is also accepted.

How long will it take to receive my gallery?

Depending on the type of session, this may vary. Family portrait sessions will be ready in 90 days or less after your session. Weddings require a lot more editing, so will be ready around 8–10 weeks after your wedding date. Rush editing is available depending on our workload during that time, and an additional fee may occur.

Where can I share my photos?

We encourage our clients to share their images anywhere they wish, we just ask that you tag or mention K&L Photography in the post.

Can we order prints from you?

Of course! Your online gallery has its own print lab which you can order prints directly from. We also are more than happy to have a print consult with you after your session to go over what products would work best for your photos, or to help put together an album of your session. (Print products are not included in your session fee unless otherwise noted)

Do you deliver every image from our shoot?

No. Part of our editing process is choosing the best of the best from your session. We promise you that you are receiving all of the most important moments of the session.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept All major credit cards, check and cash.

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes! We are fully insured, and can provide proof of insurance if needed.

How would you describe your photography style?

We strive to capture genuine, candid moments rather than doing a lot of posed photos. Our editing style is very light and bright with vibrant colors. Check out our portfolio to see more.

What type of camera equipment do you use?

We actually use different brands of camera equipment! Kaylie uses Nikon and Lindsey shoots with Canon. We're both familiar with each other's equipment and never have any issue with using both brands.

Will you recommend locations for our session?

Of course! If you let us know what kind of location you're looking for and what area you're hoping to stay in we will absolutely recommend locations for you. We are very familiar with the seacoast area of New Hampshire, Maine and Eastern Mass. If you're looking for a location somewhere where we're not familiar, we will do research prior to your session and find locations that suit you best.

What happens if we go over our contracted time?

Things happen and we understand that we may go over by a few minutes, and that's fine. If we need to add more than 20 minutes past your contracted time, we can address this at the time, but an additional fee would be added to the session

What if the weather is bad the day of our shoot?

We always keep a very close eye on the weather the week leading up to your session. If the weather isn't looking great a day or two prior to your session, we will reach out to you to reschedule your session at the earliest available date that works for both of us with no charge to you.

How do I reserve you for a photoshoot?

Yay! We love this question. Send us an email via the contact form below. If we have your date available, we will send a contract and retainer invoice. Once we've received both of those from you, your date will be reserved.

Can I see some of our photos right away?

We LOVE sending sneak peeks the day of or a day after your session. You can expect us to send a few of your photos via text or email as soon as we start editing them.

What do we do if we lose our photos?

All of the galleries that we send are active on Pixieset for at least 90 days. If after the 90 days, you need to access your photos, reach out to us and we will reactivate your photos for one week so you can download them again. Your gallery will be archived after one year, after that we can't guarantee that they can be available to reactivate.

Do you backup your photos? How can we guarantee you won’t lose our photos?

Yes, we always back up our photos to an external hard drive after your session. We also keep everything backed up on the cloud. We will keep your photos for a year after your session- after this we will archive the files.

Do you also provide video services?

Unfortunately, we do not offer video services, but we are happy to recommend some great videographers that we've worked with in the past.

How many photos will we receive from our session?

We never put a set amount on your gallery, but we do promise that we will always provide you with the best moments from your session. The amount of photos you receive vary on the type of session that you book.

Where should I print my images?

We highly recommend that you print your images at a professional print lab. Although the prices are higher than other places, the quality of the prints and the longevity of them is incomparable. The gallery that you receive from us will have the option to order prints directly through one of our favorite print labs.

Do you offer holiday card or save the date designs?

We do! Fun fact: Lindsey's background is actually in graphic design. We would love to create a holiday card or save the date using your photos. If this is something you're interested in, let us know and we will discuss the price for them.

Do you photograph birthday parties or corporate events?

We photograph a limited amount of birthday parties or corporate events each year. If you're interested in the rates for something like this, contact us and we can discuss what your needs are.

How far in advance should we book you for our session?

We always recommend booking sooner rather than later. Especially during busier times (i.e. fall), the sooner you request a session the more likely we'll have availability.

I've been looking on Pinterest and found some ideas that I like. Can we do those during our session?

Before your session, we always ask if you have a Pinterest board that you've pinned to. We love to see what you had in mind prior to your session, but we use these ideas as a starting point. We won't do exactly what's in the photo that you pinned, but we will aim for the same posing style or general idea.


What is a first look and why would we want one?

A first look is an opportunity before your ceremony for you both to see each other and have an uninterrupted, private moment to yourselves. We love first looks because it helps you get your nerves out before the ceremony, and i also gives us an opportunity to capture extremely special, intimate moments, as well as get all of your couple portraits done, leaving you more time after the ceremony to relax and enjoy your cocktail hour. We understand that a first look is not for everyone, and that's okay. We know how special it can be to have that genuine reaction at the end of the aisle, but we always recommend first looks to our clients for these reasons.

What's an unplugged ceremony?

An unplugged ceremony means that we ask you to have your guests put away their cell phones, iPads and cameras during the ceremony. It makes the ceremony much easier for us, since no one will be trying to get in to the aisle or in front of us to take a picture with their cell phone. You're investing a lot in us for this day, and we hate to see special moments possibly ruined by something like this.

Why would we want to have an engagement session done?

Engagement sessions are a great way for you to get comfortable with us and how we work prior to the wedding. You'll learn how we work, what to expect while we're shooting, and get used to being in front of the camera. Also, getting engaged is a very exciting time that you want to remember as much as your wedding!

Do we get to choose a location for our engagement session?

Yes! We love when our couples choose the location of their engagement session- even more so if the location has special meaning to you. And don't be afraid to think outside of the box! Think of your favorite places to go, or favorite things to do together, and we can incorporate these in to your session. This helps show your personality as a couple, and makes the session that much more fun. We also are more than happy to suggest ideas for locations as well!

How long will it take for us to receive our photos?

Generally, we say that a wedding gallery will take us around 8–10 weeks after your wedding day to complete.

How would you describe your editing style?

Our editing style is very light and bright with vibrant colors. Check out our portfolio to see more.

How many images can we expect in our gallery?

We never put a set amount on your gallery, but we normally average around 500–600 images depending on the amount of hours that we covered.

Have you shot at my venue before?

We've shot at many venues around the New England area. If we haven't shot at your venue, we always set up a venue visit two weeks prior to your wedding so that we can get associated with the venue and find the best locations for photographs. We generally like to have you there with us during the venue visit if possible so that we can see any specials pots you had in mind as well.

Are you willing to travel? What additional fees are associated with your travel?

We love to travel! Our pricing includes 50 miles round trip from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Anything beyond the 50 miles will be an additional 50¢ per mile. For any weddings that require a hotel or flight, the price of these will be added to the final cost.

How much time do you suggest we set aside for our group and bridal portraits?

For family and bridal party portraits, we normally recommend 20–30 minutes (depending on the size of the groups) be set aside. For your couple portraits, ideally we recommend an hour be set aside. We always build out our timeline ahead of time so that you know where we'll be throughout the whole day, and can plan accordingly.

How far in advance should we book you for our wedding?

As soon as possible. We tend to book weddings anywhere between 6-12 months out. But if your wedding is sooner than that, don't hesitate to still ask- we may still have your date available!

How do we reserve you for our date?

Yay! We love this question. Send us an email via the contact form below. If we have your date available, we will send a contract and retainer invoice. Once we've received both of those from you, your date will be reserved.


Where does the session take place? Do you have a studio?

We do not have a studio. All of our sessions are done on a location of your choice. We are happy to help you find a location that suits what you're looking for. We also offer in home sessions as well, feel free to ask us!

I'm not photogenic! What should I do?

You would be surprised how many people we have tell us this! We promise you that even if you feel like you're not photogenic- you are. We will coach you through the session to capture the best angles and the genuine emotions of you and your family.

What should my family wear to our family session?

This is one of our most asked questions!

Here's a few tips that we always like to give our families:

  • Coordinate with each other! Complementary colors work great. You could have parents in neutrals with kids in pops of color. If you need help with complementary colors, ask us! We're happy to help.
  • Don't be afraid to layer and add accessories! This adds personality to the session, and gives more options for outfits- maybe we take some with a denim jacket on, and some without.
  • Patterns are fun- but be mindful of the type of pattern. Loud, colorful, busy patterns don't photograph as well as simpler patterns. Always think simple and bigger patterns- like large stripes, polka dots, or large floral prints.
  • Lastly, make sure that you're wearing something that is true to you and your family. Plan outfits that make you feel confident and comfortable!

How do you handle difficult children?

Before your session we send you a questionnaire where we ask specific questions about you and your family. We like to know specific things your child likes ie: toys, shows, characters etc. Because our style is more candid than other photographers, we encourage you to let your children play, run around, and just be kids. By doing this, it allows them to enjoy the time and for us to capture genuine emotion. Tantrums happen- it isn't the end of the world. There isn't much that we haven't seen, and we will do our best to work with the situation to get the best possible images.

How do you handle difficult husbands? ;)

Again- tantrums happen ;) KIDDING. We know that a lot of husbands don't love the idea of having their photos taken, but give us 10 minutes and we'll have your husbands laughing and goofing around so much that they won't notice the camera anymore.

What can I do to help make the session run smoothly?

We ALWAYS tell people one thing- relax! The more you stress and worry, the more that will show in pictures. Come in prepared to laugh, play and have fun- the rest is up to us- and we promise we will capture your family in a way that you will cherish for years to come.

Can we book an in home session?

Of course! We love doing in home sessions. This is a great way to do a session with young children and even newborns! Having the kids (and you!) in their home where everyone is comfortable allows for easy, fun photos.

What if the weather is bad the day of our session?

We always keep a very close eye on the weather the week leading up to your session. If the weather isn't looking great the a day or two prior to your session, we will reach out to you to reschedule your session at the earliest available date that works for both of us with no charge to you.

Do you offer mini sessions?

We do, but on a very limited basis on only a few days during the year. Stay tuned for our 2020 mini session dates!

What is an in-home session?

An in-home session is where we come to your house and capture "day in the life" style moments. Whether that means snuggling up in your bed, reading a book to the little ones, or taking photos in your newborn's nursery- we will capture it all. We normally recommend this type of session if someone requests a newborn session. Since we don't have a studio, and don't specialize in the posed newborn photos, this is a great way to still capture the early days of your newborn baby!

What time of day should we book a session?

We always recommend either earlier in the morning (between 8-10) or later in the afternoon, around an hour or so before sunset. During these times, the sun is lower which creates softer shadows and even colors.

Will you help us with poses?

Yes! But the main goal of our session is to be as unposed as possible. Rather than posing you in a specific way and having you stay in that pose, we will pose you loosely, and prompt you from there- maybe we ask you to tickle your kids, or pig pile on dad. By prompting you rather than posing, we always achieve those genuine belly laughs, and capture your true emotion rather than stiff uncomfortable smiles.

Can we bring along our fur baby?

OF COURSE! We love photo sessions with doggos. We just normally ask that you bring along some treats or a favorite toy to help us capture the dogs attention.

Did we just become best friends?

Not yet, but what're you waiting for?